Hello!  I hope you and your family continue to be healthy and safe.  Your child should continue to READ everyday.  You can read a hard-copy or on the web Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, graphic novel book; also newspapers or magazines that interest you!  You should also practice Multiplication and Division Facts with flash cards, online with DreamBox, Prodigy or IXL,  with a partner or family member.  Additionally, The "Useful Links"  has Reading, Math, Virginia Studies and Science resources for you.  If you forgot your login or password information just e-mail me in CLASS DOJO or at murphydl@pwcs.edu.    Ms. Murphy  
TWITTER:  @MzDeeM@MzDeeM3  Phone:  703-791-9040.  

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 PWCS Home Learning Page

Summer Matters: How Parents Can Keep
Their Children Learning All Summer Long

Parents can do a great deal to support their children’s summer learning through educational and engaging activities that will help keep them mentally and physically fit, and ready to start the new school year with success.

Here are some ways to get started: 

 1. View the SWAY videos below
2.  Visit the Choice Board Virtual Learning
Lessons in Files and Documents
3.  Go to Useful Links for additional websites

Have a great summer!   We will miss you!   Stay healthy and be safe!   Come back and visit us next year!

The 4th Grade Teachers

Sway Lessons


Previously Taught Units

VA Studies

Unit 1 - VA Geography SWAY
Unit 2 - Native Americans SWAY
Unit 3 - Jamestown SWAY
Unit 4 - Colonial Life SWAY
Unit 5 - American Revolution SWAY
Unit 6 - New Nation SWAY
Unit 7 - Civil War SWAY
Unit 8 - ReconstructionSway
Unit 9 - VA in 20th Century and Beyond


Unit 1 - Place Value SWAY
Unit 2 - Foundations of Multiplication and / SWAY
Unit 3 - Geometry

Unit 4 - Multiplication and Division
Unit 5 - Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Unit 6 - Modeling and Computation of Fractions
Unit 7 - Probability
Unit 8 - Modeling and Computation of Decimals-- {Not yet taught}

Language Arts

Unit 1 - Getting Ready SWAY
Unit 2 - Characters SWAY
Unit 3 - Books SWAY
Unit 4 - Informational Text SWAY
Unit 5 - Poetry SWAY


Unit 1 - Natural Resources SWAY
Unit 2 - Weat
her SWAY
Unit 3 - Solar Syst
Unit 4 - Earth-Moon-Sun System SWAY
Unit 5 - Force and Motion SWAY
Unit 6 - Electricity and Magnetism
Unit 7 - Ecosystem