Choice Board

5/ 26 - 5/29

Choice 1

Get your family involved! Come up with a family game using team work. Grades 3-5- remember when we blind folded two people in your group and built hula hoop houses?

Choice 2

Walking and logging steps in step counting website on my school page.

Choice 3

With the weather getting warmer, try incorporating water games. Water balloon baseball, water balloon pinatas, or good old fashioned sprinkler tag!

Choice 4


We usually talk some about juggling towards the end of the year. Here is a video that teaches you some basic skills needed for juggling.

Choice 5


Check out this youtube video! It has a couple of great activities you can do with a few people. Some of which we do at school in class!

Choice 6

Ride a bike. Make sure you wear a helmet!

Choice 7

Create your own game using things you have around your house. When I was young, I used to try and come up with creative things I could do with things I already had. My friend and I used to hit tennis balls with a football and see who could hit it the furthest.