Thank you so much for

taking strings with me this

year! Have a wonderful 

summer and don't forget 

to come back and visit 


Mrs. Rucker's phone number is 571-207-6617
  Please leave a voicemail and I will return your call.

Please go to the link below to access my FlipGrid:
Mrs. Rucker's FlipGrid

This week I show you how to wipe rosin off of your instrument, and remind you how to loosen your bow before you bring your instrument back to school. I also have a video just for Dumfries going over drop off details.

Please go to or

download the FlipGrid app, type in

RuckerStrings for the flip code, and

login with your student school

email for this week's activities!

Watch a professional orchestra for FREE! Berlin Philharmonic Concerts
This week I recommend:

Hector Berlioz
Symphonie fantastique, op. 14

Alternative String Groups to Check Out!
(You won't be sorry!)
Black Violin-Classical Hip Hop Duo Black Violin videos
Lindsey Stirling Solo Artist Lindsey Stirling's website
Time For Three trio Time for Three website

Home Practice

I put a video on Flipgrid demonstrating how to tune your instrument using your fine tuners. Go to and use the flipcode RuckerStrings. After that, use your student email to log in.

I heard that the FlipGrid App is now free through Play Store and the Apple Store. 

Go to Files and Documents to view or print all music sheets!

Also, please watch these demonstration videos before you attempt to tune your instrument!!
Beginner violin tuning video
Beginner viola tuning video
Beginner cello tuning video

Things to do if your strings are REALLY out of tune:
Have your parent email me and I can set up a time to talk them through the process of tuning with your pegs. My email is
In the meantime:

Practice making a correct bow hold with your bow
Practice putting your left hand fingers on the tapes while you look and say the note names to the song out loud.
Airbow and say notes out loud with our songs (go to documents and click on March Bingo card. Scroll down to the second page and copy/paste the Nearpod link to listen to the song recordings!)
Hold your instrument up in playing position and practice using just left hand fingers to keep your muscles strong.
If you don't have your instrument (or even if you do!):

Strings Word Search (It's FUN!)

Play this note reading game! Click on the link below, then click on the free version, and easy level. It starts by reviewing the note names with you. Violins, click on treble clef, violas click alto clef, and cellos click bass clef.
Note Reading Game

Another website for making music:
PBS kids

Proper Instrument Position Tips
Statue of Liberty violin/viola
Violin/viola position
Violin and Viola Left Hand Position
Proper Cello Position
Itzhak Perlman bow hold!
Bow Hold Tips

Check out the PDF fingering chart for your instrument in my Files and Documents section!

If your strings are still in tune, please check out these practice suggestions:
Try these fun play-a-long videos!

Baby Shark!

Best Day of My Life

Star Wars!
Dance to the Music
I love rock n roll

Eye of the Tiger