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Updated  6/9/20

Summer has started but learning always continues.  It is very important that your child continues to practice math over the summer so they retain the skills they have learned. I am here to help you with any questions you may have regarding math curriculum and learning at home. I will be checking my email weekly during the summer. 
 Please reach out if you have any questions  about working with your child over the summer. 

There are many available materials on your teacher’s webpage. . Dreambox is available all summer. Students should log-in through their Clever account.  Greg Tang Math also has some excellent free materials:

In addition, my Useful Links section contains websites with activities your child can use to continue learning at home. The standards that students should master at each grade level are available in my Files and Documents section. Pacing guides for each grade level are available under the school Class Pages section if you wish to see what material has already been taught this year and what they will be learning next year. 

I'm glad to be working with you.  
Any thing that you can do to help your child(ren) continue to read, think critically, and interact with family in a positive way will be beneficial to their well-being. Please contact me at smithlm1@pwcs.edu with any questions.

We miss you!