The Kindergarten Team will be posting a Learning Choice Board here on our class web pages on Sunday night each week. The Learning Choice Board will have optional learning activities for reading, writing, math, science/social studies. It will also have links to the Encore and Resource teachers’ web pages which will have suggested activities for your child as well. 

These activities will be review of content that was taught this year in the classroom. We have provided you with enough options for your child to do something in every subject area Monday through Friday. However, this is meant to be a resource for families and is optional.  

As it is an optional choice board, you can choose to do whatever suits the needs of your family. While the board will change each week, “Drop Everything and Read” will remain as we believe it is the most important learning opportunity for your child. During “Drop Everything and Read,” please have your child read independently for at least 15-30 minutes. The work from the choice board activities will not be collected or graded, but please feel free to share any pictures of your child enjoying their learning!

June 8th-12th

Choice 1


Choice 2


Choice 3


Choice 4


Choice 5


Read riddles, jokes, and brain teasers!


Here are some kid jokes to read:


Kid Jokes


Read one of the books about camping.

Discuss what you need to go camping,


Then see if you can make your own camping area in your house or backyard!


Here are some to choose from:

Ameilia Bedelia Goes Camping

Scaredy Squirrel goes Camping

Pete the Cat Goes Camping

Read kid friendly recipes and create your recipe at home with your family!


Here are some to choose from:

Recipes for families


In some of the recipes, students will need help with cutting the ingredients.

Refrigerator Story


The Youtube Link has a video with a PowerPoint walkthrough!


Foods in Summer


Mrs. Brugger's Files

You can find the PowerPoint and story here!


Make a blanket fort and read for 20-30 minutes in the fort!


Here are some eBooks you could read or pick your favorite books from home!


Costume Party

Fun at the Beach

The Three Little Pigs




Teacher Directed Lessons

Monday-Language Arts


Teachers review the definition of nouns with students.


Option 1: Create a list of nouns, organized by person, place or thing, or animal.

Noun Sort with pictures


Option 2: Sort the pictures into person, place, thing or animal


Then, have students complete the poem by inserting different nouns on the blanks.


“It is the last week of school,

for ______, _______, and _____.

This year while strange has certainly been cool.

We played with _____, ______, and a friend.

Continue to practice your ________, _______, reading, writing, and math is what we all recommend.

This Kindergarten year was fun for you, me, and ______.

Thank you, teachers, parents, students, ______, _____, and _______.

We will miss everyone!”


Read your silly poem to your class after all the blanks have been filled in!

Draw a picture of something you want to do this summer! Then write 1-3 sentences about it.



Sentence frame: I want to ______ this summer!



I want to ride my bicycle this summer!

Draw your dream bedroom and label each item you put in your room.


Have fun with playing word games on ABCya!





Play letter hopscotch with different letters. When you land on each letter you say the sound of that letter.


Write a letter or draw a picture for your favorite teacher.


Can share through Dojo, email, text, etc


Manipulatives to Use Online!


Origo Week 8




Teacher Directed Lessons


At 9:45-10:45


Listen to the story. Then make a chart and ask family members if they would rather go somewhere warm or cool on vacation.


Best Vacation Ever



Somewhere Warm

Somewhere Cool

















Print and cut the equations and pictures worksheets, or draw and cut them on a piece of paper. Place the two piles facedown and take turns selecting two cards to try and match the equations to the pictures 

Use counters to solve the following problems.


1. Patricia has 8 toy cars in her collection. She gives 2 to her little brother and one to her older sister. How many toy cars does Patricia have left?

2. The pet shop has 9 puppies for sale. Three of the puppies are sleeping. The rest are playing. How many puppies are playing?

3. Ben is reading a book that is six pages long. He reads 2 pages and stops for a break. How many more pages does Ben have left to read?

4. There are 10 children in a library. There are some boys and some girls. How many boys and how many girls might be at the library?


English Word Problems

Spanish Word Problems


Go to Origo Week 8 select Thursday- Game Day and play The Race is On.

Take turns to click on the cubes to make them roll. The player

adds the two numbers and says the addition expression. For

example, I rolled a two and a four. Two add four is six, so I

move six dots.

The player moves that number of spaces along the path, from Start.

If the counter finishes at the base of a ladder, the player moves their counter to the

space at the top of the ladder. If the counter finishes at the top of a slide, the counter

goes to the space at the bottom of the slide.

The first player to reach or go beyond the end of the track wins.




Do this week’s What Math Do You See?



Print and do this week’s worksheet:

English Worksheet

Spanish Worksheet




Create a poster of your favorite number, use it as many ways as you can. (numeral word, ten frame, counters, etc.)







Teacher Directed Lessons


At 9:45-10:45

Watch Video:

Parts of a Plant


Write a sentence about something you learned today about plants. Draw a picture to go with your sentence.


I learned that a plant has______.


Word bank:

Roots, stem, leaves, branches, flowers, fruits, seeds.

Read Aloud:

A Seed Grows

(Raz Kids)

Where can you find flowers?

Are they on the ground, on a shrub, or in a tree?


Write 2-3 sentences answering the questions above.


Sentence Starter:

I can find a flower in _____.

I can find a flower on _____.


Watch Video:

Look Inside a Flower!


1.Draw and color a picture of a flower.

2.Write a sentence about flowers and something or someone you love.

3.Give the drawing to someone you love.


Sentence Starter:

I love flowers and I love _____.


Word Bank

mom dad sister

brother cat dog friend school spring

Parts of A Plant Jack Hartmann



Watch Video:

Flower Poems



Write a poem about a flower.

Draw a picture to go with your poem.



Roses are red

Violets are blue

I will miss school

But mostly you


Go on a nature walk with a family member and observe the flowers. Record the different colors. Keep count!




Yellow II

Watch Video:

Spring is Here

Social Studies


Teacher Directed Lessons

Thursday-Social Studies

At 9:45-10:45


Play a game of Jeopardy about Community Helpers

Jeporady Game

Using blocks or other materials build your dream town.


Think what kind of stores would you want in your dream town?


Send pictures of dream towns to dojo, email, text, etc...

Practice being a community builder with this game: Construction worker




Make your own house out of craft materials or food like popsicle sticks, graham crackers, blocks, and more.

Paint a rock with patriotic colors to show different things we do to celebrate the 4th of July




Read and color the booklet In the Summer I might....





Ms. Clover and Mrs. Aladetohun

School Counseling


Mrs. Locke


Mr. Judge



Mrs. Cochran



Ms. Boyd



Mr. Carlton