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***Please check the 4th grade web page to find a weekly updated choice board of different activities your child can do in each subject. This choice board will be updated every Sunday by 7:00 pm. If you go to the Files and Documents link on the left hand side of my page, I will have resources your child can use to support choices in reading, writing and math. The resources will have dates that will match the dates of the current choice board for the week. There are multiple videos or tools for some skills, but your child does not need to watch or use them all, they are there to provide support as needed.

Starting Monday, 4-20-20, I will have virtual office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-3:45. You can reach me at 571-293-0139 during this time frame or email me at at anytime.

Please also take some time to visit the Special Education Home Learning Resources page for additional resources available to you.

As we all navigate through this uncertain time, please know I am here to support you and the students as much as I can and please contact me whenever you need assistance. My email is provided below. Students have access to a variety of educational apps through Clever. Xtramath is a great resource for practicing math facts and Istations is useful for strengthening reading skills. These websites require passwords and if you need assistance with those, please contact me. Storylineonline is also a great resource for reading aloud to students. I will update this page as new information is provided, but please keep checking the PWCS Home Learning Page.  We'll get through this together!

I sent out letters to each student on my caseload so I hope they reach you all. Please have students write back if they would like, my address is on the envelope :) You can also follow me on Twitter @ms_jwright

  Hello! My name is Jasmine Wright and I am one of the special education teachers at Dumfries Elementary, who services students with learning disabilities. This will be my 3rd school year at Dumfries and my 4th year teaching overall. I enjoy working with my students and watching them overcome challenges and grow. I also enjoy collaborating with my colleagues and parents, to ensure we can provide the best for our students. Please don't hesitate to call or email me at: